Mental health and wellbeing animation. Mental health and wellbeing fortunately is a subject that has become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. We are fortunate to have increased awareness, improved resources, and challenged the stigma of it. Catalyzing the increase in confidence people now have in opening up and talking about their own mental health and accepting that we all have to care for our mental health as a priority.

When our client Aspire Higher told us they were aiming to produce a resource on mental health and wellbeing we jumped at the opportunity to support them. To work out the purpose of the resource and deconstruct that to strategize the most valuable approach to telling a story that would connect with and impact the audience as intended. read more

10 tips on approaching animation the right way. As any author will tell you, the blank page is intimidating. This is often what makes creating high quality animation such a challenge for business’, it is the blank page of film making.