Traditional methods of training and patient education in healthcare, such as textbooks, lectures, and live demonstrations, are being enhanced with immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Virtual production is a process that uses computer-generated environments to create interactive content and is proving to be an effective tool in this regard. This article explores the benefits of virtual production in healthcare content and how it can revolutionize medical education and patient care. read more

Is your hospital or healthcare organisation seeking to:

  1. Grow your market share?
  2. Reduce health inequalities?
  3. Improve your clinical outcomes?
  4. Improve your patient experience?
  5. Free up staff time from non-clinical duties?

Video could be your secret weapon.

How video helps you achieve key objectives for your healthcare organisation:

1. Increase your market share

We believe what we see, not what we hear or read. Video can showcase how clean and safe your units are. It can convey how passionate and professional your staff are. As a result, prospective service users feel more reassured about your healthcare services, leading to increased demand and therefore revenue.

2. Reduce healthcare inequalities

If ethnic minorities can’t access information in their native tongue, they are less likely to request the healthcare services they need. We provide dubbed and subtitled translations of video content to help you improve access and take-up among hard-to-reach minorities. read more