If you’ve met me or us over the past 15 years we have probably bored you silly the amount of times that we have reiterated (and reiterated again) how important the planning process is as part of any project (or indeed any life step)!

When we say it is 70% of the overall project we really do mean it.

Since I was a wee lad, I’ve learned that planning beats, well, not planning. Here is why…

Spontaneity actually stems from good planning.

Hear me out here. You may think that you would love for your life to be spontaneous all the time, reacting to whatever is happening on any given hour of any given day. Spontaneity is where excitement stems from and stops things becoming formulaic. However, the basis of it is a good plan. Not to plan the actual event, but to plan the rest of your life. To ensure that the 70% plan allows you to have 30% spontaneity and actually follow through on that thing you’ve always wanted to do, off-the-cuff but haven’t managed to get round to. You need structure to work from otherwise everything would be a whirlwind and you wouldn’t be able to get anything done. read more