Gavin O’Brien

“Hey my name is Gavin and I’m the co-founder of Clearhead, setting it up in 2007 with my pal Alex. Starting with £100 in our business bank account, with no finance either private or public, we have revenues in excess of £1million+ having filmed in over 20+ different countries in that time. I’m predominately the vision driver in Clearhead and as CEO has managed to build a strong team, ready to continue to grow. I’m innovative, passionate, and creative in both application and thinking. Supporting talent to come through to fruition is my passion, above all else, and guiding all people to continue to improve and think big. I love to eat healthily, the gym, football, and foreign films. I’m is also over 6′ 5!

Sometimes i feel like a have a lot of plates spinning, just like SpongeBob in my gif, but I do a good job keeping them going.”