Teamwork Makes the Dream work

We have always believed strongly in our staff and creating a culture which allows us to nurture and develop our talent.

When you are in a creative agency there are certainly extra demands on keeping inspiration high and staleness to a minimum. This can be especially tricky when not in a location that is particularly abundant with mountain vistas or sandy beaches. There has to be a level of excitement that is kept high.

That’s why we love to work 10-6 amongst many other perks you might have heard us mention previously.

The need however for one thing almost outweighs everything else. That is the need for a creative team day. I always like to think of it as the ‘Blue Peter day’ where you are pushed out of your comfort zone and doing something that brings you together as a team.

We all know trying to find time out of client-based time into internal time can be difficult and sometimes this may be one of the only occasions to stop and look at how you can improve individually and also as a team.

We have tried all sorts over the years, whether it’s white water rafting, archery, escape rooms, axe throwing… the list goes on. However, we always find that doing this with a mixture of strategy always gives you such great results.

However, what we are interested in is what your most valuable team day exercise is? Get in touch and let us know. Maybe you could go to a safari park as we did here with Port Lympne

Also here is a team building game that is great that we recommend as it always has really funny results.