The future of healthcare

I3 Simulations launch film – the future of healthcare 

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the healthcare sector; the landscape is constantly evolving; new ways of teaching and learning are being demanded and the opportunities to develop immersive and innovative training are vast.

Until the beginning of this century, knowledge transfer in healthcare was limited to textbooks but now we can intelligently transfer the first-hand accounts of medical experts, making knowledge more accessible for the next generation of learners.

When i3 Simulations approached Clearhead to develop the concept and content for the launch of their new brand we knew we needed a campaign that would grab attention, build awareness, and highlight their status as leaders in their industry. 

We, therefore, set out to capture the purpose of their specialised technology and its impact on the world – to create immersive, interactive, and intelligent solutions for the healthcare sector, that are scalable and repeatable, to improve human performance, and reduce error in the real world.

Passionate about crafting a narrative that would engage their audience emotively and position them as a company that cares about the mission they are on we adopted our Hero, Hub, Help Framework to showcase the intrinsic value of their company, their vision and the global challenge it is striving to solve. We then placed this philosophy at the very heart of the campaign. 

“We believe the intrinsic value of a brand lies within its vision. Our job is to tell that story and connect with an audience.” Founder and Chief Creative Officer – Alex Lawrence 

Shot over three days, we were able to produce more than just one hero film, delivering a suite of hub films and case studies that explore the detail of their services and specialisms with searchable help content – enhancing their reputation and SEO presence within the VR and XR sector. 

At Clearhead we’re always looking at ways we can break the mold and so it has been an exhilarating partnership to work with i3 Simulations who are passionate about disrupting the market with ground-breaking solutions and leaders and innovators within XR. 

Launched on the 7 July, the film entitled ‘Every Second Counts’ captures the purpose of i3 Simulation’s specialised technology and the theme that runs throughout is the reason this technology and solutions are needed – ‘The need to be ready when a decision needs to be made, when the second’s count, you will be ready, instinct will take over and you will know what to do.’ 

“The reaction to this launch has been beyond our expectations. Clearhead really pushed to understand our purpose and our business needs so that we could tell our story through the power of film.” Devi Kolli, Founder – Ai Solve and i3 Simulations.

To watch the final film and read the full case study click here

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