Top tips for your Virtual Open Day

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A Virtual Open Day provides prospective students every opportunity to experience the lifestyle and study opportunities that are vital when making informed decisions on which College or University to attend. To be able to explore the campus, meet staff and students to discover what it could be like to study at your local College or any University. Here are our Virtual Open Day tips.

Students spend a lot of time during their consideration time researching their ideal, shortlisted College’s or Universities. Visiting their website, reading the prospectus and watching videos to get the best understanding of what it might be like to study there.

Virtual Open Day‘s provide an opportunity for prospective student’s to engage from anywhere in the world. Participating in a schedule of event’s that provide a similar experience to an on-site open day. The VOD can be tailored, comprehensive and accessible from any digital device. Enabling potential students with accessibility limitation to not miss out. Informing their decision and providing them with an immersive experience.

To make sure that you can setup and launch your Virtual Open Day successfully, we have put together our Top Tips for engaging prospective students with your Virtual Open Day.

Virtual Open Day Tips #1: Create an experience with your Landing page

First impressions count. A Virtual Open Day requires your prospective students to engage, giving up their time and investing into the content you are providing. The home of that content needs to be impressive and work well. It needs to reflect your brand and culture through well crafted design, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). This should be carefully considered, especially if you are looking to deploy quickly. Ideally alongside user testing and feedback. The design of the page should navigate the user through a journey of your VOD. Signposting relative content and scheduled events as well as highlighting key campus landmarks. Integrating digital experiences such as video content, 360 tours, live links and image galleries.

Virtual Open Day Tips #2: Engage your students with valuable content

Prospective students are aiming to visualise what their life may look like if they decide to study with you. Content provides the immersive and authentic insight, that can provide that experience and move a prospective student one step closer along their consideration to decision making process. Lifestyle and campus content turns their room into their first year on campus. Sensorily seeing, hearing and feeling what life on campus could be like. Research films give in depth information on department research and successes, that provides assurance and credibility when heard from real students and Academics. Finally, case studies tell authentic student stories that create an emotionally tangible connection with the audience. Real stories of student experiences provides deeper insight that’s builds affinity and trust.

Virtual Open Day Tips #3: Connect to students with a personal welcome messages

When hosting a Virtual Open Day it is important to ensure a warm personal approach is felt by the prospective students. Websites can feel cold, filled with static imagery and copy. A warm welcome video recorded from the Vice Chancellor or Principle can create an inviting, assuring and approachable introduction to your institution that reflects your values and culture. Create a welcome video for your landing page as well as your individual course and department pages.

Virtual Open Day Tips #4: Give a taster with live presentations from academics

Live presentations can make the Virtual Open Day an event. Providing a live experience really immerses the prospective student into the day. Making them feel connected to the person on the other end and in turn your institution. Get across the credibility, experience and personality of your academics to make your institution stand out. Providing valuable content during your VOD will also give a taste of what can be expected as a student securing confidence in their decision making.

Virtual Open Day Tips #5: Provide support through Live Chat

Prospective students searching for information will have questions. They are curious, have concerns, need assurances. Providing a Live Chat feature to your Virtual Open provides the same support they would have expected from your Open Day on campus. A few things to make sure when integrating a Live Chat feature are to make sure that they feel someone is on the other side. When they arrive onto the page, have your chat box pop and welcome them. If there is a busy queue, then make sure they know someone will be with them shortly. If they are waiting for a reply, make sure they know that you are typing.

Virtual Open Day Tips #6: Partner with businesses for a virtual careers fair

At an Open Day students love being able to interact with employers and businesses representing varied career pathways and industries. We would recommend facilitating a Virtual Careers fair during your Virtual Open Day asking partner businesses to host live chat sessions during the day. This can be through the live chat widget or during a live presentations if they are willing to host one.

Virtual Open Day Tips #7: Set up analytics that measure visitor data effectively during and after the event. 

Promoting opportunities to capture attendance data during the Virtual Open Day can be useful information to have. There is greater value in capturing this data during the day rather than pre event because we can prompt engagement in response to specific interests and needs. For example, during a live presentation for Agriculture or a Q&A session from Student Services. This give you clearer information around student interests and pain points in order to best support or engage with them post event.

Virtual Open Day Tips #8: Safeguarding:

It is important to highlight safeguarding when it comes to a live virtual event when the audience is primarily under the age of 18 and that is encouraging audience engagement and interaction. Our advise is to follow your institutions safeguarding policy and ensure there are at least two qualified moderators on any live response system. That system should also be able to archive interactions for reference if required. A safeguarding notice should be given at the start of any presentation highlighting the importance of not giving out any private information and that any children under the age of 18 should have an adults permission to interact with any live response features.

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Download our handy checklist for ease.

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