Our Top Tips for 2021

We wanted to share our review of what for many, was one of the largest challenges we may ever face in the business world. However just like all of our wonderful clients we are resilient.

2021 Services

2021 brings a wealth of new opportunities and innovation. At Clearhead, we devote a considerable amount of our time on continuous R&D to ensure that when we recommend a service, technique, process or software it has demonstrated its true value to you as our client. This year we are extremely excited about the opportunity to offer:

Virtual Events

Providing prospective audiences with every opportunity to experience the wonder of your event but in a virtual world, creates numerous exciting possibilities. A hybrid/blended approach is going to be the name-of-the-day this year, with live, filmed elements, mixed with the ability to interact, inclusively with an audience all around the world. In the education world for instance, this allows you to be able to explore the campus, meet staff and students and discover what it could be like to study at your College or University, without stepping foot outside your own space.

Now is the time to be building your online virtual open day. To help, we have put together all of our learnings and outcomes into this handy guide. Please download our free interactive checklist (by clicking on the link and then saving as PDF or of course printing it off and scanning it in) which may help in providing solutions and support, in making the physical event thrive online.

After having to rush through to do an online event last year, make this the year that you allow us to support you to improve what is possible, while also taking out the heavy load you have to take up, in producing it.


Beautiful, engaging and visually arresting animation is one of our favourite recommendations for the coming year. Let us take you to anywhere in the world, showcase anyone (or anything) and all in the blink-of-an-eye. Mix this with the energy and spirt of best-in-class sound design and music then you suddenly have a very powerful tool, to showcase your brand, product or service. However where we really come into our own is in our trademarked, Creative Chemistry process, which allows us to really make a difference through potency of incredible storytelling. Our skilled team carve out digital mastery on their computers to allow you to reap the rewards.

Engagement Tools

We know that you want engagement with your audiences and there are so many ways that we can help you to do that. We combine tools such as Slido, with our intricate, engaging questions, polls and quizzes, which allow your audience to stay watching for longer.


We made our name, in bringing end-to-end, premium content to our partners brands. The events of 2020 has certainly not changed that. We are experts and as such have put in all the measures necessary to allow you to feel safe, confident and comfortable when filming in any space. We love to be in control of every eventuality, including when we say ‘action’ so we are certified to be safe, before, during and after filming, while also allowing us to fully realise the creative ideas that we have planned meticulously. In short, nothing has really changed for us and apart from ensuring that we film within a certain distance, while necessary, everything else can move ahead, as it always has.


Finally a lot of our clients have used the downtime of 2020, to take a look at their own website and how they can improve it. Content is what brings the engagement but having a slick, effective and visually engaging design all help to make a website what it is. Giving you control at the end, to update, however you want and whenever you want is also the key. We will never charge you for retainers, or for uploading ‘that photo for £50’! We are here to support you in making sure that when you do put the investment into a refresh (or indeed an overhaul) of your website that it is fit for the future, not just for the next year.

Talk to us and lets start a conversation.

About Clearhead

Clearhead are a content agency built to grow brands. Clearhead have helped support Colleges and Universities recruitment marketing for over twelve years through crafting content that sparks chemistry with their audience and starts conversations. Promotional marketing, student experience content, research films, case studies and virtual open day’s are amongst the valuable services we provide.

We believe that great conversations spark chemistry. We create digital content and campaigns that ignite conversations and give your audience something to talk about. Let’s get started by using our Project Planner.

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