The Great Virtual Event Survey!

We are conducting a research project, a virtual-event-survey in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire to understand how technology is shaping the education sector and online events during Covid. Our aim is to collate the largest amount of data on the subject in order to support those working in the sector and struggling under the current challenges.

Collaboration Works

The pandemic has hit the education sector hard, at a time that would usually be packed full of on-campus events and activities, schools, colleges and universities have been forced to think creatively and embrace new technology in order to carry on engaging with current and new audiences.

“Since the start of the lockdown we have seen a huge increase in the amount of education clients wanting support in delivering virtual events. Like us, this sector has had to adapt their services and taking their events online is a big move for them.

We’ve been helping schools, colleges and universities on a number of virtual film projects and we’re committed to providing and adapting services to meet the needs of the education community. We were keen to find out how technology could be changing and shaping the way this sector is working, both in their day to day activities and events that contribute to the academic calendar.

Having close links with the University of Bedfordshire we consulted with them on their own experiences and challenges during Covid and discussed the lack of research and insight that existed in this area.

Using their expertise in research and development and our knowledge and experience of using technology to deliver education events we decided to collaborate on this joint piece of research, the virtual-event-survey, with an aim to find out what options are available, how the sector is adapting during this difficult time and what the future needs could be.”
Gavin O’Brien – CEO at Clearhead

“The education sector often wastes time and money repeating what it already knows, but not thinking about what the perfect scenario could be and what is needed to make that happen. This research aims to find out whether the tools and technologies exist that suit the future needs of the education sector, so that they can start the R&D to build it now. I’m now very curious to see what it uncovers.” Gordon Brady, Senior Business Partnerships Manager at University of Bedfordshire

“We’re really excited to be involved in this research and we’ve been able to provide support already in terms of questionnaire design and the use of quantitative and qualitative data capture methods. Once we have the results back we will continue to support Clearhead through independent analysis of the data and co-authoring a White Paper of the findings and their application.” Rhidian Lewis, Associate Dean Enterprise and Employability at University of Bedfordshire Business School

Please get involved.

Clearhead and The University of Bedfordshire are welcoming respondents from across the education sector to share their experiences via an online survey which is anonymous and takes just five minutes to complete.
The results will be shared with respondents and the wider education sector with the primary purpose of providing insight and best practice advice.

As a thank you for taking part, respondents will be offered a free virtual event checklist which includes a free template of helpful questions and tips to consider when running an online event.

The survey can be found here

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