Virtual Events in 2020

If there is one thing that we’ve learned here at Clearhead about Virtual Events in 2020 is that they won’t be going away anytime soon. Even more so in education. Now everyone is trained to use video calls, it is part of our DNA, the opportunity to utilize a mixture of live, pre-recorded, pre-existing and animation content can create something that really does create a spectacular opportunity to engage.

Our stats tell us that the number of people that have turned into the virtual events has far exceeded the number of attendees that turned up to the physical equivalent before 2020.

Here are some of our favorites from 2020:

Higher Education | Aspire Higher – Back to Your Future Virtual Event 2020

The event, in conjunction with Uni Connect (formally NCOP) with the University of Bedfordshire, University of Hertfordshire & Northampton University.

The event included a live host, to be able to bring up-to-the-minute information, professional, pre-recorded video presentations covering a range of topics, and staged group discussions with multiple participants.

We did bespoke branding that wrapped the event at all touchpoints, including a fully-designed website.

On top of this, we put together, intro and outro animations as well as holding slides and animations which helped to really pack the whole 4 hours with great content.

The event was a runaway success with average view times, sign-ups and engagements extremely high. See the page here.

Further Education | Moulton College – Open Day

Moulton College like numerous education institutes has numerous open day events every year to welcome potential students and their parents. This gives them a chance to take a look around the facilities, meet the staff and get more information. However, COVID-19 changed all of that. So the challenge involved moving all of this online, in the form of a Moulton College Virtual Event, within a month and it not impact on not only how many pre-registrations there were but also how many people arrived and then went onto apply. No easy feat!

After weeks of testing, to decide what the best software to utilise and recommend, Clearhead decided to produce, what we felt was the right balance between, technical, safeguarding, getting the right information across and the online legacy. Partnering up with professional broadcast software in ECAMM, Clearhead embarked on putting together an online ‘production’ for Moulton College’s virtual open event.

Schools | Selby High School – Open Evening

Selby High School, based just outside Leeds, was on the lookout for doing their open evening a little differently in 2020, in the form of a virtual event. Therefore, due to the obvious restrictions in 2020, they wanted to still get as much engagement and continue to be oversubscribed but weren’t sure how to do it other than in its traditional physical form. The forward-thinking Principal, Nick Hinchcliffe got in touch. He hoped that with our extensive experience, we could help to shape a new, exciting way of holding open evenings in the form of a Selby virtual open evening event.

After numerous virtual events that have been produced by Clearhead we decided to produce, what we felt was the right balance between, technical and safeguarding. This helped to get the right information across and the online legacy. This time it was needed to appeal to parents and also a much younger target audience, 8-11-year-olds. Partnering up with professional broadcast software in the shape of OBS, Clearhead embarked on putting together an online ‘production’ for the Selby Virtual Open Evening Event.

• Firstly we pre-recorded a selection of teachers and support staff, as well as a couple of star students. This allowed Selby to be safe in the knowledge that there wouldn’t be any technical issues, as well as the opportunity to check everything before it went ‘live’.

• Secondly we produced stunning new content. With no way to physically show the students around the school, we came up with the novel way to have two tour films as well as a ‘welcome to Selby’ introduction, all presented by the charismatic Principal. We produced new idents and graphical elements to have a uniform approach for each.

The world has changed forever and it is now time to get on board. Like not having a website 15 years ago (everyone has got one now), virtual events with great content is going to be a staple diet. Saving costs, stress and technical issues, we are proud to be at the very lead.

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