Virtual production studio.

What we do.

Virtual sets and locations on demand.

Clearhead in partnership with MergeXR offer one of the latest and largest virtual production studios in the UK. Offering state-of-the-art LED wall, cameras, and video control systems to create real-time video content for film, TV, advertisements, and corporate events. Our passion drives the team to invest time and resources into the R&D of emerging technologies which allows us to deliver complex and stunning content every time. Be it a virtual event hosted on our XR stage or commercial production, the studio is equipped with technical knowledge and technology to ensure your production stands out from the rest.

Play with sound

A stage that adapts to your imagination.


Limitless sets and locations.

Create huge sets and worlds limited by imagination, not budget. LED screens offer consistent lighting, and engaging environments on set, and streamline the lengthy post-production process. The ability to shoot across 10 different sets and locations within a day provides unmatched creative opportunities.


LED stage.

Traditional green-screen requires you to match the lighting of a scene to the action you are capturing on screen. Within an LED volume, the lighting from the LED's projects onto your talent and set, perfectly matching color, luminosity, and tone as it would in real life. Ensuring your image looks perfect in the camera straight away.



With our greenscreen stage, we can merge pre-defined sets and locations with your talent on camera. Combining both sources for an immediate, and seamless visual. Shooting this way also provides flexibility in post-production, as you have all camera tracking and positioning data allowing you to change, or adjust your set or location after the shoot.


Live events and streaming.

Whether a corporate event, international summit, or live broadcast. Virtual production is the slickest, greenest, and most uncompromising solution to bringing your event to life.

"Walt Disney once said "If you can dream it, you can do it". Virtual production has opened up a world without limits, enabling us to create sets and locations that reduce our footprint whilst creating limitless opportunities."

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