Virtual reality in healthcare

Healthcare professionals are being trained to act on instinct during an emergency – with help from a UK based Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality company set out to transform the way knowledge is captured and consumed.

i3 Simulations, a launched by AiSolve Ltd in 2020, focuses on the healthcare sector and on creating immersive, interactive, and intelligent XR training solutions which are scalable and repeatable and both improve performance and reduce error in the real world. 

The company is set out on a grand vision to automate the simulation development process with use of advanced emerging technologies and is already working with more than 70 hospitals across the globe.

 To promote its XR training, which ranges from simple AR simulations of the human anatomy to complex emergency and trauma VR modules such as adult cardiac arrest, hypotensive shock, seizures and paediatric anaphylaxis, i3 Simulations has launched its new film, aptly called ‘Every Second Counts’.

Devi Kolli, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at i3 Simulations, said: “Our virtual reality training simulations are designed to prepare our junior doctors, residents and other healthcare professionals for emergency situations, enabling them to take risks and make mistakes in a safe, virtual environment so that when it comes to the real world, they will instinctively know exactly what to do. 

“There is a dire need for healthcare professionals to act on instinct during an emergency situation – an instinct that can only come from hands-on experience of such situations. At i3 Simulations we develop and recreate these situations in a virtual training environment so that when the seconds count instinct will quite simply take over. As we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic this type of VR training has never been more essential or timely.”

Film maker Alex Lawrence, who is Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of Clearhead, a Luton based video production agency, said: “What an incredible company and such an amazing project to work on. Covid restrictions meant we had just three days to shoot ‘Every Second Counts’, which we did at multiple locations using continuously moving shots to communicate the technology and the life-saving impact i3 Simulations is already having in the UK.”

A hospital ward, restaurant and training centre are all featured in the film, which focuses on the crucial minutes in an emergency situation within which a medical response is required to prevent a threat to a patient’s life. 

The film raises an essential question for healthcare professionals – When the seconds count, do you have what it takes?

As the voiceover, a healthcare professional, says: ‘When we are needed, we will be ready. When the seconds count instinct will take over.’