Working 10-6 (cue Dolly Parton)

What working hours do you work? One thing for us is that there is no doubt that rush hour is rubbish. It isn’t good for anyone, is it? Who has ever said that they enjoy rush hour? Well, why does it happen? Mainly because of Henry Ford in the 1930s who decided that these were the best hours to work. The issue is I don’t believe that it is now fit-for-purpose.

What I propose is that we have different sectors who have different working hours, 8-4, 9-5, 10-6. This would help when it comes to the huge issue we have with strain on infrastructure (especially transport) and would alleviate a number of mental and physical conditions that seem to be brought on by the stress of it all.

Jack Ma in China who owns Alibaba has created his own scheme of working, 996. Which is basically 9am-9pm 6 days a week. He believes that this is the perfect balance that business should get from its workers.

On the other side, we have those who feel that you should work 4 days a week or have half the week working from home (even though what they don’t tell you is all of these trials have been stopped because the staff weren’t in the office enough to help the business to be productive!)

So why did we specifically start with hours 10-6? Well in the creative industry we believe that to can be at the very pinnacle of ideas, you need to be fresh and raring to go, free from stress. Starting at 10 allows that to happen. Also, we feel that this allows (in conjunction with a very healthy amount of holiday and birthday’s off) to have a nice and flexible work-life balance. Starting at 10 also allows you to wake up naturally and then do an activity in the morning, yoga, gym, meditation, whatever works but something.

Finishing at 6 also we believe is great. Most businesses finish at 5, so we believe it allows us an hour to be able to deal with any issues while not under pressure from communication with clients and also allows us to have a moment of calm before going home to see your loved ones or to relax to.

We would be really interested to hear what you think? Leave us a comment as to what your hours are and why that is?
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By Gavin O’Brien